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Eleni Vamvakari

Grandma's Chicken Soup

Ok, I just had this totally amazing soup that Grandma made. Yes, it's her famous chicken soup that I've wanted the recipe to ever since I can remember. I posted mine here ages ago, but never hers.. Anyway, we're starting with the way she actually told me, then I'll give my cleaned up version, just to show you how to turn a traditional recipe into something more standardised. You'll see what I mean in a minute. Btw, both mean exactly the same thing.

You put like I says, if it's container of butter, then you put three spoons, not small, big spoons. One onion, one big onion Then, you gotta clean the potatoes, chicken (buy it and just cut pieces and put it in) so you prepare already. Vegetables, cellery, two sticks, cut it in pieces. Carottes, parcely, for tender meat, that powder you gotta put, and if you like salt put salt. And four doddies, four plates so four, or buy one container big of chicken soup. Water put one cup, and you put that until when you see that it has a good taste and then you put the soup, chicken. Leave it slow to cook, everything together, potatoes, carottes, celery. Those are the big three. Onions is the first.
She also said about 20 to 40 carottes, however many you could fit in your hand, when I asked her about that.

Fortunately, she talked with me at the table, so I can give you a clearer idea. But yeah, that's what you get from a woman who speaks seven languages. I probably missed a few words, but tried to capture as close to the way she talks as possible, so the broken English is real. She says for anyone, it's better to use the soup first and then to try the doddies (chicken bullion cubes) the next time. The can she uses is college inn, chicken broth light.

one large onion
two stalks cellery
five organic red potatoes
a handful of organic baby carottes
some cooked chicken (boiled, baked or roticery)
half a stick of butter or 3 tbsps if using container (unsalted will make it sweet and salted will make it more salty)
garlic to taste
parsely to taste
pinch of meat tenderiser
4 small bullion cubes (chicken stock) or some College In Light Chicken Broth
1 cup water (or more if necessary)
(optionally, you could add pastina (small pasta), orzo or rice)
1. Wash handsand vegetables.
2. Chop carottes and potatoes into cubes or small pieces.
3. Chop onion (not sure if she minced it, but that's a very good bet)
4. Saute onion in butter or oil (if using one, do not use the other.)
5. Add rest of ingredients. The water should cover the vegetables, but taste it to insure flavour is satisfactory.
6. Cook slowly until done (taste to check time).
7. Eat and enjoy.

Tomorrow, she's gonna give me the recipe to rizoto and then we're doing goulosh! See, not all my recipes are Greek. Psst, this soup was great with some Cretan olives and Elite crackers... lol
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