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my intro

Hello all,

Well I love all thing Greeks and I love food (girlish figure I have not sad to say).. and so above all I love Greek food and will help snatch up any such recipes posted :)

I also do my own cooking. I am the official "spicer" in the house since I prooved to my father that I can spice a mean chicken :) I am a single mom and college student so most of my home recipies are whatever I come up with cheaply and easily. My favorite "oops I am so broke" recipe is the ginger/garlic baked chicken.

This recipe is really easy and best done with chicken legs (I prefer legs :) )

So grab your package of legs and lay them out in a pan
use a stick of butter to cut off a bit of butter to lay on each leg (about as much as you would slice off when buttering toast).
Season to taste with the following:
Garlic salt--rather liberal several shakes all over the pan
White pepper--use sparingly to dust the chicken-- a little goes a LONG way
Powdered Ginger (I am quite liberal with this to make the flavor really pop-- probably approximately a tablespoon per leg)

cook in the oven at 375 until really golden brown-- probably about 40-45 minutes (I am really bad at timing things--- I will update this recipe next time I cook it and pay attention to exactly how long I keep them in there for.

Overall result is a chicken with a slightly sweet flavor as an undercurrent of the pepper and garlic. VERY good. And probably most popular way to have chicken in this household.

Again--- all that butter--- if you are concerned about so much cholestrol you may want to go another route.. I use butter because it acts as a good glue for the spices and gives the chicken a richer flavor.
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