Samantha (luciaofthegrove) wrote in foodfriendly,

Roasted Pumpkin seed recipe

Cara and I made these tonight and they turned good, she really enjoyed them :) Granted they are salt-loaded and so not exactly *healthy*, but still better than candy I think.

We essentially just embellished on a standard way to cook them

Soak seeds in salted water over night (our part)
oil a flat cookie pan (we used canola oil since we were out of olive oil)
spread the seeds in a single layer on pan stir them up to coat in oil
sprinkle liberally with garlic salt (our part)
put in 325 degree F oven for approximately 20 minutes

they will get nice dark brown
take them out. They cool very fast so can be eaten right away.

My dad and daughter were both surprised that they tasted just as good eating shells and all (my dad habitually has shelled them like sunflower seeds) the way that I prefer to eat them.

Sadly I have to go easy on this yummy treat since like nuts, I can't digest these very well either with is rather uncomfortable *le sigh*
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