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Delicious Greek Snack

Geia sas,

As all of you know, I went to The Greek Store in Kennilworth awhile ago to pick up some goodies. Well, they have this feta there that is beyond incredible. I've never tasted anything like it in my life! It's Imported Greek Feta from the Barrel. So today, I decided to try an experiment, and the results were good enough to post here. They were so good that I made a couple. Some of you may already do this, but if not, have fun.

Delicious Greek Snack
Ingredients Etc
2 rusks (or as desired)
some Greek Feta from the Barrel (Do not use nonGreek feta)
oregano (preferably Greek)
garlic powder
a microwavable plate
lid for plate (optional)
a microwave oven
1. Slice the feta into strips or crumble it into smaller pieces. This depends on how soft you want the rusks to be. If you want them to be harder, crumble it. If the cheese is larger, it will take longer to cook.
2. Place rusks on microwavable plate.
3. Place feta on rusks. Make sure it's evenly spread so that it won't clump or come off the side.
4. Season with a little Greek oregano and garlic powder. Be sure not to add too much. These are powerful and a little goes a long way. You could probably add olive oil if you wish.
5. Place in microwave and top with lid if desired. Let cook until the cheese has melted smoothly over the rusks.
6. Remove from microwave. Eat while still hot.
7. Top it off with a frappe or an Amita juice. These are great drinks for the summer.

Happy snacking,
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