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We're celebrating Winter Solstice/Yule today and for feast I am making Shepherds' Pie; don't ask why I just had an "ah ha!" moment and thought it'd be good. Maybe the Gods are craving it; who knows.

Anyway; recipes!

1lb ground beef cooked and drained.
6 or so big red potatoes cooked and mashed however you like 'em.
3 cups or so of veggies whatever you like; I am using red pepper, broccoli, green beans and onion.
One cup grated cheese.
In a glass baking dish layer the ground beef, put veggies on top of it and the potatoes on top. Topped with one cup grated cheese. Put in oven on 375-ish for about 15-ish minutes, then y'know sort of stick a fork in it to test for done-ness.
Hey I'm doing good measuring out my ingredients; this whole writing recipes down business is for the birds; no offence intended to birds, of course!
Serve your Shepard's Pie and enjoy with tea or cider or a beer if you like.

Blessed Solstice to everyone!
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