Eleni Vamvakari (theophania) wrote in foodfriendly,
Eleni Vamvakari

Question and Suggestion

Wow... This morning, I had Trader Joe's frozen maccaroni and cheese. I usually get Stoufer's, but have definitely decided to switch brands for good. It has all sorts of cheese in it and all you have to do is pop it in the microwave and it's done. Trashy and tasty at the same time! It's the same with their potatoe pancakes, let me tell you! I usually make my own, but wow are these good. Again, frozen and all you do is fry them. Also bought some hash browns and uncured bacon for easy morning meals... mmm! And now I have a new toy and must! play with it. It's a deep frier for one or two people, very small. I know I can cook hot dogs, chicken breasts, fish and French Fries (tried the last two already) in it, but am looking for more ideas and figured you guys would have some. (Please, if posting something with low/reduced fat, post the regular ingredients as well for me). Thanks.
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