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Greek Fries

Thanks to pawpower4me for that wonderful recipe. It's great to see some posting going on here! Since I commented about mine, here it is.

Fries with a Greek Twist: Another home creation
(Personal note: I owe my thanks to Mom on this one. We created it one day when we wanted to add more flavour to our fries. . This one's all from scratch, and by that I mean that we used no other recipe for our inspiration. Also, as before, we never really measured it out, though Mom says that these measurements will do the trick. Cook and enjoy. This recipe serves two. So if you feel like cutting it in half, or just don't want to use as many potatoes, go ahead and do so. It'll still come out good. I personally eat about four and a half all by myself, so that's why the portions are so large. Three cups halved equal one and a half cups if you're having difficulty figuring that out.)
8 organic red potatoes
4 tbsps organic garlic powder (or onion powder if the garlic isn't available)
6 tbsps organic paprika
2 tbsps Greek oregano
4 tbsps Cavinder's All-purpose Greek seasoning
4 tbsps organic garlic pepper
3 cups Greek olive oil (for deep frying pan, if not using electric fryer, in which case, use your own judgement)
Wash hands and potatoes.
Cut potatoes. They should be cut like potato chips (crisps) but thicker.
Add ingredients (except oil of course)
Mix thoroughly with your hands to insure fries are evenly coated.
Heat oil in a deep frying pan. Add fries when appropriate.
Cook for about 20 minutes or until desired.
Remove fries with a slotted spoon and place in a bowl. I like them greasy, so I don't put a paper towel in the bowl, but my mother does for herself.
Be sure to tell children/hungry family members to save some for the poor cook!
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